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Inspiration - vertical blinds direct to your door

Take time to peruse our Vertical Blinds inspiration gallery just to see how we or our clients have used our designer fabrics to maximum effect. Looking for contemporary blinds to go in a classic style of home or are you looking for the up-to-date on trend colours?  We think we have blinds for every taste and style – and then you add your own signature by adding that splash of luxury.  Remember you can always contact us on 0845 519 8969 for help or guidance.

Vertical blinds coming back on trend

Vertical blinds are coming back on trend due to the ease of use, clean lines and the sumptuous new fabrics available. “Verticals” no longer means plain boring plastic vanes hanging in your window. Choose from black vertical blinds through all the huges and pastel shades - to bold in your face statements. New fabrics, new looks and finished off by our chainless weights- child safe and chic to boot.

Made to measure vertical blinds

Stylish and functional blackout vertical blinds are perfect for large wide windows that require a wide area of coverage with a high level of blackout functionality. Depending on the existing décor in your room choose a contrast or highlight colour of fabrics.  Remember that darker colours can draw the heat so you may want to consider our solar reflective vertical blinds that keep the heat on the other side of the glass. Control the light  - you control the heat.

How to clean vertical blinds

Busy office environments or areas with susceptible of contact with sticky little fingers is an ideal opportunity to ask how to clean vertical blinds. If you are having to ask that now its perhaps after the horse has bolted. The easy way that we can suggest goes back to the very beginning and choosing the right fabric to have the blinds made from. Homestyle blinds easywipe fabrics are easy to clean and great to look at – stylish and practical.

Classic Verticals - Classic Prices

The “Classic Maine Verticals” - is our starter Vertical blind that offers a selected colour range and accessories, and produces a classic crisp clean classic vertical blind for any home or office.  It is made from exactly the same fabrics as our other collection with just less on offer in way of customization.  Not to be confused with  “ cheap vertical blinds”  that are available on the market. It is a robust vertical  blind made with the same material as our other ranges. 

It does require some simple assembly before installation - Comprehensive step by step instructions are supplied. Same quality - lower price

HomeStyle Luxury Vertical Blinds UK collection

The “Homestyle Luxury Collection” is our extensive family of fabrics that will grace any window or door in your home. Verticals offer you the choice to adjust the light and heat levels in your room while they subtly alter the ambience. Soften verticals blinds with pastel hues or create those minimalist look with floral patterns ideal for vertical blinds for bay windows.

We Hope that you agree that we have blinds for every taste and style –Remember you can always contact us on 0845 519 8969 for help or guidance.

It’s you Home It’s your style - bringing designer vertical window blinds direct to your door.