Temporary blinds - No Holes, No drilling - No Problem

Decorating, moving home, temporary or student accommodation?  Waiting on your new window blinds arriving? We have temporary blinds that are delivered in 48 hours and you simply measure, trim, peel and stick. You then adjust the height of the blind with an adjustable toggle.  A very inexpensive option and for temporary or student accommodation it offers an durable blind that offers light filtering or  darkening effect.

Light filtering or room darkening

The privacy blind is  white in colour and made from PVC  vinyl. It will offer you complete privacy and a light filtering effect but it will not darken the room so more suitable for dining rooms, living rooms and such like. The room darkening blind is light grey in colour and made from a thicker vinyl. This offers better room darkening effect  so is more suitable for bedrooms where more light block is required.

Measure, snip, peel and stick

The temporary blinds come in 2 standard sizes which are the most common window blind sizes. If you need wider sizes the blinds are very easy to install side by side and therefore you can install 2, 3, or 4 blinds side by side to get that wide coverage.  Made from high grade PVC the standard size temporary blind can be cut from 915mm width down to a minimum width of 600mm. The large size temporary blind can be cut from 1220mm down to a minimum width of 760mm.

Once trimmed to size the temporary blinds can be stuck directly onto the glass, or onto your PVC window frames. Our suggestion would be to try and avoid sticking temporary blinds direct onto wooden frames or any painted surfaces to avoid paint displacement on removal of the blind.

Homestyle blinds collection - Blinds for every budget

For short term situations our temporary window blinds are and ideal solution – but of course for longevity you need the quality form the Homestyle blinds classic or Delux collection.  With blinds for every budget it is worth a look at before ordering your temporary ones.