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Inspiration - roman blinds made to measure

Take time to peruse our window blinds inspiration gallery just to see how we or our clients have used our designer fabrics to maximum effect. Looking for contemporary roman blinds to go in a classic style of home or are you looking for the up-to-date on trend colours?  We think we have blinds for every taste and style – and then you add your own signature by adding that splash of luxury.  Remember you can always contact us on 0845 519 8969 for help or guidance.

Luxury roman blinds direct

Roman blinds UK fall into to three categories’ , unlined made to measure roman blinds, lined made to measure roman blinds and ready made roman blinds. Three very similar categories’ – three very different results .  An off the shelf blind ready made roman blind will never be the perfect fit in the same way an homestyle roman blind is – it may come close in a few cases but not in the same way our made to measure roman blinds version do. Hand stitched , made with love  and left to settle – there is only one way how to make a roman blind – our way, and direct from the manufacturer.

Hand stitched in the UK roman blinds

Unlined Roman Blind

Clean lines, subtle tones or a bold daring statement in your room without any fuss? The HomeStyle unlined roman range has just what you need. Allow the fabrics to function as they should,  offering sheer, semitransparent and dim-out effects.  Every unlined roman blind has support rods hand stitched in to offer support to the fabric and perfect straight folds every time, no sagging unlike cheap roman blinds – the difference is in the detail.   We have been making roman blinds for 80 years and we  know how to make a roman blind that will last  -  it shows in the finish.

Lined Roman Blind

Our seamstresses know how to make a roman blind, Adding a lining to a roman blind does four things. One it creates perfect blackout roman blinds which are ideal in a room where total light block is required – IE a bedroom. Secondly it allows you to choose a double sided blind – a vibrant colour or patterned blind for inside the house and a more neutral / plain colour to be viewed from the outside in.  Thirdly it makes a far more weighted blind that will fold and stow better than an unlined version.

Fourthly the lining protects the inside fabric from UV fading – extending the life and keeping the colours vibrant for longer.  The rise and fall mechanism is the same - Hand stitched support rods support the fabric and the clutch system stops the blind exactly where you want it to.

Fusion Bottom pocket

Choose an exquisite roman blind from HomeStyle blinds and trim it off with a contrasting “Bottom Pocket”.  Think of it as the channel suit of the window decoration world. Take a rich fabric and frame it with a vibrant contrasting colour that could even coordinate with a highlight hue from your room.  Or perhaps a subtle on trend natural colour would finish your perfect roman blind. Choose from our fusion  colour palettes for your Splash of luxury and make that Roman blind your own creation

It’s your home it’s your style.

We Hope that you agree that we have blinds for every taste and style –Remember you can always contact us on 0845 519 8969 for help or guidance.

It’s you Home It’s your style - bringing designer roman window blinds direct to your door.