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Inspiration - sliding panel blinds

Take time to peruse our window blinds inspiration gallery just to see how we or our clients have used our designer fabrics to maximum effect. Looking for contemporary panel blinds to go in a classic style of home or are you looking for the up-to-date on trend colours? We think we have blinds for every taste and style – and then you add your own signature by adding that splash of luxury. Remember you can always contact us on 0845 519 8969 for help or guidance.

Alternate Panels - Mix and match colours

Panel blinds are one of the most effective but under utilised window coverings for large windows – IE patio or garden doors. In the past 12 months the use of panel track blind has been revitalized and is quickly moving on trend especially as Japanese panel blinds. To this end HomeStyle blinds have added many fantastic colours and fabrics that are perfectly suited for use as panel blinds for sliding doors. Bold patterns or fantastic contrasting colours which work are suited to our “alternate panel “finish -  Sliding panel blinds with a splash of luxury.

Japanese panel blinds

Take luxury sliding panel blinds, add exclusive luxury troikas finish and you have sumptuous Japanese panel blinds. Use Japanese panel blinds for patio doors or alternatively as a room divider gracefully affording privacy between two rooms. Are you looking for a flexible, stow able system to divide living space in your home? The panel blinds is just what you are looking for. Configure the panel blinds so that the open “bunched” blind is, all to the left, right or split them evenly in the middle.

Trioka finish

Trioka is a sumptuous Japanese 'three of a kind' finish on Homestyle Panel Blinds. Three pieces of luxury Vermont wood are set into the panel blind on both sides,  at intervals determined by you - or as standard symmetrically from the bottom up over the whole panel blind - see images for details and inspiration. Pick up an accent colour from your room and make it all tell a story of planning, thought and creativity. Create that symmetry with a calming Homestyle Panel blinds with an exclusive finish.

Vermont Orient finish

Vermont Orient is a stunning finishing effect placed at the bottom of the panel blind. 3 Pieces of luxury Vermont Basswood are set into the Panel blinds on both sides, starting with one 50mm slat at the base of the blind with two 25mm slats above. (See image for details) Choose a matching or contrasting colour from a selection of rich grained timber for that ultimate finish on a exclusive designer blind.

Bottom Fabric Pocket

Choose an exquisite panel blind from HomeStyle blinds and trim it off with a contrasting 'Bottom Pocket'. Think of it as the channel suit of the window decoration world. Take a rich fabric and frame it with a vibrant contrasting colour that could even coordinate with a highlight hue from your room. Or perhaps a subtle on trend natural colour would finish your perfect panel blind.


Just like our 'bottom pocket' Choose an exquisite panel blind from HomeStyle blinds and trim it off with contrasting luxury timber. Rich grained woods, metallic finishes or even a sea distressed luxury finish. Frame the blind in luxury offering extra weight and functionality especially when used as a room divider or over large windows. Add that splash of affordable luxury.

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