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Inspiration and Design - Waterproof Blinds

Take time to peruse our window blinds inspiration gallery just to see how we or our clients have used our designer fabrics to maximum effect. Looking for contemporary waterproof blinds to go in a classic style of home or are you looking for the up-to-date on trend colours?  We think we have waterproof blinds for every taste and style – and then you add your own signature by adding that splash of luxury. Remember you can always contact us on 0845 519 8969 for help or guidance.

Make the most of loft space

Make the most of your reclaimed loft space with Homestyle waterproof roof blinds. Multifunctional window blinds with room darkening thermal blinds from HomeStyle blinds
Alternative velux roof blinds at affordable prices- with a splash of luxury.

We Hope that you agree that we have blinds for every taste and style –Remember you can always contact us on 0845 519 8969 for help or guidance.

It’s you Home It’s your style  - bringing designer waterproof  window blinds direct to your door.

Panel blinds for patio doors or room dividers

Panel blinds in essence are a larger scale version of the vertical blind – just larger wider vanes. As with the vertical blinds there are polyester materials that are perfect for those high traffic areas. Select alternate panels and you have a luxury panel configuration with contrasting colours.

Washable Vertical Blinds

Window vertical blinds are perfect  for large garden doors – but can come into a lot of contact as traffic passes by  and people or pets move in and out of open doors. That’s where waterproof  fabric vertical blinds come into play. Choose from solid PVC vanes or polyester materials that are designed to be easily wiped down to remove that traffic grime. Washable  diy vertical blinds that bring luxury and functionality.

Blackout and Waterproof - two blinds for the price of one

Look for the water resistant icon on the fabric properties safe in the knowledge your blind is suitable for moist conditions. Several of our moisture resistant fabrics offer blackout functionality – 2 blinds for the price of one.

The “Homestyle Luxury Collection” is our extensive family of fabrics that will grace any window or door in your home. Our fabric collection offers you luxury waterproof blinds that you can dress up and customize, or create an accent color to dominate your room. Choose from our waterproof range of blinds - aluminium, roller blinds, roman blinds, temporary or roof blinds - we have the right building blocks to make the right blind - And then you add that splash of luxury .

It’s your home – it’s your style with HomeStyle blinds.

Waterproof UK Blinds from Homestyle

In certain rooms in the home is it necessary to fit window decorations that will not quickly decay or discolour even after minimal contact with moisture or water.  The obvious ones of course are waterproof blinds for the bathroom, kitchen, shower room, swimming pool and wet room. However one should not loose sight that the blind may have to come into contact with water for cleaning purposes – ie  childrens roller blinds or vertical window blinds that will come into contact with pets and will need cleaning more often without ruining the fabrics.

Water proof or water resistant blinds of the past were always made from thick PVC type fabrics and to be honest not that finessed. Well those days are gone now and many of our water resistant fabrics are both graceful and used in environments that don’t need water resistance as a key feature. Take a look at our Omni view products for privacy, one directional vision and water resistance.

Waterproof roller blinds made to measure

Spring loaded roller blinds are an easy to use blind that is quickly retracted to let the sunshine flood in. With polyester various fabrics that offer water resistance, blackout, semi transparent one-way vision and a decorative blind to boot – sophisticated and functional.

Waterproof roman blinds

With perfect folds of rich fabric, a roman blind can also offer the maximum light block possible from a window blind. Choose an unlined Omni view fabric that offers you 3 various levels of transparency and the ability to be in an environment of water contact.  Sophistication and functionality.

Aluminium blinds direct

Take 25mm polar white aluminium venetian blinds, place them in a classic white bathroom , and you have a combination made in heaven. Simple, clean chic lines of the aluminium that of course can be wiped down as and when required.

Temp Blinds

Our temporary blinds are made from high grade PVC that can also endure moist conditions - Please remember that they are temporary blinds and will not last as long as a HomeStyle luxury blind. But ideal all the same for temporary accommodation, moving home and privacy while decorating.

Velux waterproof blinds cheapest alternative

Installing a waterproof roof blind is easy. Configure your roof blind with a waterproof fabric and click into place in your roof window. It doesn’t matter if it’s Velux, fakro or a roflite window, HomeStyle roof blinds will always fit perfectly when installed with the relevant conversion kit.  With the non rusting aluminium guiderails and a water resistant fabric our waterproof blinds are ready for use out of the box.