Child Safety Products

Blinds with child safety front of mind

Child safety

Home Style Blinds hold child safety as one of our fundamental standards and are continually striving to make your home a safer place. To achieve this we all have to comprehend all of the potential safety hazards posed by unrestrained cords, loops and chains on blinds or other window decorations.

As part of our own going product deployment HomeStyle blinds have selected a range of child safety products suitable for all of our blinds within our extensive range. We will continually seek new ways to incorporate new safety features into our window decoration.

As a retailer of Premium window blinds we have to think not only as a responsible manufacturer but also as a parent and consider the obvious and not so obvious threats posed by these issues.

Our child awareness campaign also encourages clients to consider not only the safety functions that we have added to our blind but also other ideas to keep children safe at home.

  • Furniture should not be close enough to climb onto and reach window blinds
  • Chains and related cords near beds and cots should be stored on a child safety device (cleat).
  • Cords and chains should at no time be allowed to hang free. Always use homestyles safety cleat and or easy snap chains
  • Be vigilant if children are playing around verticals blinds with bottom chains.
  • To reduce the every days hazards related to window blinds we offer a number of safety products that can be added to you blind to make them more child friendly. Of course the easiest method is to eliminate the risk entirely.
  • Safe spring controlled roller system
  • Motorized Remote control
  • Chainfree weights for vertical blinds
  • Cord and chain storage
  • Easy snap chain connectors
  • Cord and Chain cleat (complimentary with every corder blind)
  • Spring cord tensioner
  • Saftey tassels
  • Tie down clips

Together we can make your home a safer place for your children and our future generations while still making the most of your windows and homestyling. Its your home – Its your style

Child Safety

Child Safety Products

Cord & Chain Tidy (Roller & Vertical)

Safely secures blind chain within the body. Long and short options available with adjustable guides. Long body ideal for vertical blinds and secures both pull cord and chain operation.

Easy Chain Break Connector (Roller & Vertical)

The chain connector breaks apart easily if excessive pressure is applied to the operating chain.

Cord & Chain Cleat (Roller, Vertical, Roman & Venetians)

Can be easily fitted to the side of a window ensuring cord or chain can be wrapped around it out of children's reach.

Tie Down Clip (Roller, Vertical, Roman & Venetians)

Clip is fixed to the wall and securely holds the chain/cord loop out of children's reach.

Stop Rings (Venetians)

The Plastic stop ring is located at the top of the raise control cords - this stops the ladder cord being pulled to create a loop which could cause a potential hazard.

Single Cord Tassels (Venetians)

Multiple cords are finished with single cord tassels, which create unsafe cord loops. Split into to single cords with tassels.

Safety Tassel (Aluminium Venetians)

Splits apart safely separating up to four cords if pressure is applied.